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Gorlok Bucks

Gorlok BucksWebster University partnered with Sodexo to create Gorlok Bucks as the ultimate complement to your campus experience. Gorlok Bucks can be spent to make purchases in any campus or local establishment that accepts them. 


SPENDING POWER When you use Gorlok Bucks on campus, you save 10% on each purchase AND it's tax free.

FLEXIBILITY Eat when and where you want - on campus or at select off campus locations including delivery options.

CONVENIENCE Your plan is loaded right onto your Webster ID card so there's no need to carry cash!

Participating Off-Campus Locations:

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill - 7809 Big Bend Blvd.
Domino's Pizza 1582 - 8346 Watson Rd.
Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill - 1239 S Laclede Station Rd.
Subway - 612 E Lockwood Ave.
I Love Juice Bar - 9849 Manchester Rd.

How to Sign Up

Gorlok Bucks require a separate contract and cost and are not part of the meal plan. Gorlok Bucks may be used at selected off-campus restaurants and all on-campus locations. If used on-campus, the purchase will be tax free and be discounted. To purchase Gorlok Bucks, contact the Dining Office or sign up by credit card at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gorlok Bucks?

Gorlok Bucks are a convenient debit account right on your Webster ID card. Make a deposit into your Gorlok Bucks account and you can swipe your card all over campus and at participating merchants to pay for food and beverages.

Where is my Gorlok Bucks account? Do I need a separate card?

Gorlok Bucks is an account located on your Webster ID card, which means no more digging into your spending money, late night stops at the ATM or charging up credit cards. You do not need a separate card.

What is the difference between Gorlok Bucks and Meal Plan Points?

Gorlok Bucks can be used at on campus dining locations and select off-campus locations and don't expire without 18 months of inactivity. Meal Plan Points can only be used at the Webster dining locations and expire at the end of every academic year.

How do I get Gorlok Bucks?

The Gorlok Bucks system is BUILT RIGHT INTO your existing Webster ID Card. It’s there and ready to roll. All you have to do is make a deposit (or get someone else to); then enjoy total freedom without spending your cash or credit. Your Gorlok Bucks account gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, on or off campus.

Add with a credit card at

Add with your student account by printing this form and turning it in to the Housing Office in West Hall 130 or the Dining Office in Maria Hall.

You can also add with your student account on PatronWeb - just select the Gorlok Bucks form.

How do Gorlok Bucks work?

Simple. Your Webster ID Card can be used like a debit card. The card gets swiped at the time of purchase at a participating location, the amount is deducted from your Gorlok Bucks account and the balance is automatically adjusted.

Will I lose unused Gorlok Bucks?

You’ve heard of rollover minutes? Your unused Gorlok Bucks balance will roll over from semester to semester and year to year as long as you are an active member of the Webster community. They only expire after 18 months of inactivity.

Where can Gorlok Bucks be used off campus?

Please see the 'Participating Off-Campus Locations' section above. We are always growing that list, so please let us know which of your favorite places we should add by sending feedback!

What do I do if I lose my Webster ID Card?

Call Public Safety at 314-246-7430 to report your card missing.

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